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Oklahoma ABLE Tech, along with its grant partners, OkAT Foundation and Fire Protection Publications, were awarded 13 Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Fire Safety Solutions grants with the goals and outcomes of providing lifesaving equipment to individuals with hearing, vision, or mobility impairments. While providing smoke alarms and specialized alert devices as assistive technology (AT) through these FEMA grant opportunities, ABLE Tech learned the following tips:

  • If your smoke alarm is chirping, it likely needs the battery replaced. Contact your local fire department to determine if they can provide assistance if needed.
  • If your Lifetone alert device is experiencing connection issues, contact Lifetone directly at 800-648-7923.
  • Replace smoke alarms every 10 years to maintain the most current technologies and safety features.
  • Test smoke alarms and specialized alert equipment monthly to make sure all devices work appropriately and contact the local fire department if equipment malfunctions during the test. It is safer to discover issues during a test than during a fire!

ABLE Tech and its partners accomplished the following grant goals for Oklahomans with disabilities:

  • Served over 2,800 Oklahomans with disabilities statewide
  • Provided 11,500 smoke alarms and 2,900 specialized alert devices
  • Provided $718,500 in AT at no cost to the consumer
  • Developed an online curriculum providing state-of-the-art training for smoke alarm installations in the homes of people with disabilities. Thousands of professionals nationwide have participated in the curriculum.
  • Developed Smoke Alarm Installer Training – an online course still available to firefighters and emergency responders for free at the International Fire Service Training Association (IFSTA) ResourceOne website.

Smoke Alarm CoursesSmoke Alarm Installer Training – an online course available for free at the International Fire Service Training Association (IFSTA) ResourceOne website. This training was developed in partnership with the Oklahoma Assistive Technology Foundation, Fire Protection Publications and Oklahoma ABLE Tech as a result of funding provided by FEMA. The goal of this training is to provide firefighters and emergency responders with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively install smoke alarms according to national code along with specialized alert devices for individuals with disabilities. The course is divided into three modules - Smoke Alarm Installer Training, Firefighters Serving People with Disabilities and Project Management for an Effective Smoke Alarm Installation Program Serving People with Disabilities.