Free Smoke Alarms and Alert Equipment

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Oklahoma ABLE Tech, OkAT Foundation, and Fire Protection Publications have participated in the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Fire Safety Grant programs for a number of years. Each year it is determined if additional funding has been granted. Unfortunately, the grant was not funded this year. Therefore, beginning October 3, 2019, we will no longer be able to offer this program statewide.

The remaining supplies from the project will serve individuals in and around the Stillwater, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa areas only.

If future funds are awarded, it will be announced on this web page. If you are seeking to purchase equipment on your own, the equipment listed below is recommended by the grant project.


Universal Smoke Alarm - dual sensor, sealed long-life battery smoke alarm (ETL listed). Universal alarm can be purchased at any hardware store or online. It is recommended by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) to place one smoke alarm in every sleeping area, outside of every sleeping area, and on every level of the home. The average cost is $9.95. More information on the Universal Smoke alarm can be found at Universal Security.

Lifetone - a bedside alert device that listens for the smoke alarms. The alert sits on the bedside of the sleeping person. It is plugged into an electrical outlet and has battery back-up for power outages. When it hears a smoke alarm, the alert system shows "FIRE," and emits a loud, low (baritone) T-3 sound, and says "FIRE! GET OUT!" in English and Spanish. It has a bed shaker that is placed under the mattress or pillow that shakes the bed to wake up people. Lifetone is based in Oklahoma, and can be purchased through the manufacturer at Lifetone Safety or by calling 800-648-7923. The average cost is $239.95.

Gentex Smoke Alarm – a photoelectric, audio signal smoke alarm that has a 177 candela strobe light for people who are deaf. It is plugged into an electrical outlet and has a backup battery in the event electricity is lost. This smoke alarm is used as a visual alert for the consumer when they are up and about, and not in bed. The average cost is $140 and can be purchased at any hardware or online store such as Amazon.