AboutĀ OkAT

The Oklahoma Assistive Technology Foundation's (OkAT) primary mission is to assist Oklahomans with disabilities of all ages, their family members, guardians, advocates, authorized representatives and other appropriate individuals or entities to increase understanding and access to assistive technology (AT). OkAT was incorporated in 2001 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The Board of Directors consists of nine individuals, the majority of which have disabilities or family members with disabilities. The Board of Directors shall be ethnically and culturally diverse, represent both rural and urban areas of the state, and represent diversity with regard to disability and age. The Board meets quarterly, or as needed, to conduct business and to make loan decisions.

The purpose of OkAT is to encourage interagency collaboration, and to advocate for systems change so that every person in Oklahoma who needs assistive technology will have and be able to use appropriate devices.

OkAT Values

  • Consumer Involvement
  • Collaboration
  • Consumer Autonomy